Kernel Finder

The Kernel Finder API is used by applications wishing to discover, launch, and manage Jupyter kernels. KernelFinder is not meant to be subclassed. To make it discover additional kernels, see Kernel Providers.

class jupyter_kernel_mgmt.discovery.KernelFinder(providers)

Manages a collection of kernel providers to find available kernel types. providers should be a list of kernel provider instances.


Iterate over available kernel types. Yields 2-tuples of (prefixed_name, attributes)

classmethod from_entrypoints()

Load all kernel providers advertised by entry points.

Kernel providers should use the “jupyter_kernel_mgmt.kernel_type_providers” entry point group.

Returns an instance of KernelFinder.

async launch(name, cwd=None, launch_params=None)

Launch a kernel of a given kernel type using asyncio.