Changes in Jupyter Kernel Mgmt


  • Enable support for python 3.5


  • Tolerate missing status on kernel-info-reply

  • Add some missing dependencies and min versions

  • Force pin of pyzmq for travis builds, increase timeout

  • Close kernel client in start_new_kernel tests

  • Give kernel providers opportunity to load configuration

  • Add support for kernel launch parameters

  • Add support for native coroutines (async def)

  • Significant documentation updates

  • Fix operations on Windows

  • Rework high-level APIs


  • Remove unused import

  • Make test fail because of idle-handling bug

  • Fix watching for idle after execution

  • Allow multiple providers to use kernelspec-based configurations

  • Allow multiple providers to use kernelspec-based configurations


  • Expose kernel_info_dict on blocking kernel client

  • Translate tornado TimeoutError to base Python TimeoutError for blocking client

  • Normalise contents of kernel info dicts

  • Remove configurable kernel spec class and whitelist

  • Remove deprecated method to install IPython kernel spec

  • Remove special kernelspec handling for IPython

  • Get rid of LoggingConfigurable base class

  • Allow passing a different search path for KernelSpecProvider

  • Catch unparseable kernelspecs when finding all

  • Rework restarter events

  • Don’t try to relaunch a dead kernel with the same ports

  • Rework message handlers API

  • Use tornado event loop to dispatch restart callbacks

  • Allow restarter to be used for manual restarts

  • Support Python 3.4, missing JSONDecodeError


  • Add kernel_info_dict attribute

  • Don’t use prerelease versions of test dependencies

  • Return message even if status=’error’

  • Remove ErrorInKernel exception


  • Initial experimental implementation.

Note: Because the code in this repository originated from jupyter_client you may also want to look at its changelog history.